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Floatless Water Level Control WLAPC-FL-PN16XX

Floatless Water Level Control WLAPC-FL-PN16XX

Industrial & Marine application
Model: FLR­EH

Measuring principle
Conductive measurement resistance from reference point to Switching electrode point

These floaless level switch is design for point level detection is applicable for the following application:‐
‐ For conductive liquid
‐ Float‐less application
‐ Pump control
The probe can be use for vacuum and overpressure condition up to 21 Kg/cm2. The seal material is with stand the operating temperature range of ‐80oC to 200oC.

Feature of benefit
• Easy for setup Commissioning and calibration
• Suitable for most of the liquid application
• No recalibration require when replacing the

Surge Protective Unit LP-75B

Surge Protective Unit LP-75B

 Application range
LP-75B series are applied to equipotential bonding of the building low voltage main distribution boxes, providing protection against the overvoltage arising from lightning strike to the power class B or misoperation.

Main features​ 

  • Large current capacity, low residual voltage.
  • Build-in temperature control and circuit breaking technology, high securityperformance.
  • Lighting off in notice window indicates normal, red indicates broken, clear and
    easy distinguish. 
  • Optional telesignalisation monitoring interface, can realize remote monitoring. 
  • Realizable wiring to reduce conductor resistance.
  •  Assembled combination modules such as 1P+N, 2P, 3P+N, 4P etc, applied
    for various electric network system.
    Main Technical Date

Monitoring Integration SPD LP - XA230BC

Monitoring Integration SPD LP - XA230BC Monitoring Integration SPD LP - XA230BC

 Application Range
LP-XA230BC series triad integration SPD are applied to surge protection of power control, signal, BNC video signal or RJ45 Ethernet with characteristics of low clamping voltage, quick response etc. which can release and prevent the damage to the protected device
arising from inductive surge from power and control wire or the other surge over voltage. They are widely used in the field of serucity moniting system “Global E-eye” system
of telecom, data room demand so on.

Main features 

  • Modularization DIN rail design, convenient for installation and replacement.
  •  Built in temperature control and circuit breaking technology and multi protection
    technology, strong protection ability, high reliability.
  •  Green light on in notice window indicates power normal, off indicates broken,
    clear and distinguished.
  •  Function of multi-protection : power, video, signal, control signal, RJ45. 
  •  Build in 4mm2 elevating earthing terminal, more reliable earthing.

Signal SPD - LP - DB9 Series

Signal SPD - LP - DB9 Series

​ Application Range
 LP-DB9 Series surge protective device are applied to the equipment for the surge protective with DB9 interface, which can prevent the signal equipment from the permanent damage or transient interruption arising from inductive overvoltage, overcurrent and the other transient surge voltage caused by lightning or industrial noise, etc.

Main features

  •  Standard DB9 interface, convenience for installation and replacement.
  •  Choosing the latest high-speed surge protective component quick response, low
    output residual voltage and super transmission performance. 
  •  Small volume, exquisite, strong applicability

Surge Protective Socket LP-CZ

Surge Protective Socket LP-CZ Surge Protective Socket LP-CZ

Application Range 

LP - CZ series socket power lightning protection device are application to the front side of various terminal consumer equipment of AC not more than 220V and rated current less than 10A, providing protection against over voltage arising from lightning to the power supply line and misoperation. ( option from standard IEC61643-1 and GB50343 )

Main features

  • High current capacity, low residual voltage.
  • Modularized design, standard socket design, convenient for installation and use.
  • Introducing multilayer protection technology, strong protection ability, high reliability. 
  • Build-in temperature fuse, safe and reliable.
  • Red pilot lamp on indicate normal, off indicate invalid.
COD Wall Mounted Online Analyzer - UV202

COD Wall Mounted Online Analyzer - UV202


Measument Principle
With the difference of organic component in water, the maximum absorption wavelength is not the same; there is obviously difference with UV full wave absoption spectrum and with different UV spectrum character in different type of wastewater. Fixed COD through Deuterium UV-VIS ber spectrometer system to nish the spectrum scan of full-wave band. Model neural network for each different water sample separately, and convert the COD parameter exactly by spectrum turbidity interference technology.

Application Field
Widely used in environment monitoring, water and water conservancy monitoring, city sewage pipe network, ocean water monitor- ing, aquaculture, industrial process monitoring. The range of application for industrial wastewater including but not limited to: sewage treatment industry, chemical industry, petrochemical industry, medical industry, brewing industry and other relative industry.

COD Wall Mounted Online Analyzer - UV201

COD Wall Mounted Online Analyzer - UV201


Measument Principle
Organic absorbs the 254nm UV by Mercury lamp, the analyzer calculates the absorbance UV 254nm by detection the rest light intensity, and through multiple LED to do turbidity interference, integrated calculate the organic content of water.

Application Field
Widely used in surface water, industrial discharged sewage, domestic sewage, animal husbandry and shery sewage continuous or real-time detection.

Online Water Analyzer

Online Water Analyzer

Ammonia On-line Automatic Monitor Application
Industrial process water, sewage, city urban sewage and surface water, such as rivers, lakes, and seawater, etc.

Main Features:

  • Smaller reagent consumption, without the second pullution
  • Precise Measurement System
    Low failure rate and running cost are led by Nessler's reagent spectrophotometric method, met with the requirements of national environmental monitoring standards, and high Precise measurement system combined the imported multi-channel conjoined valve with the high precision photoelectric measuring device, and piston pump without direct contact with the reagents.
  • Automatic Alarm Mechanism for reagent deletion or date exceeded etc.
    Automatic diagonasis function
    The system can automatically reset to run when power on again after power off or water break suddenly.
  • Large data storage and humanized operation interface
    The large capacity storage hard disk storage, can store the historical data for five years continuously, large touch screen, with good human-computer interaction, simple operation and easy to learn.
  • Rich Communication Interfaces
    Support the 4-20mA, RS232/485, TCP/IP, GPRS
Tube Cleaning Machine

Tube Cleaning Machine

Functions & Features
The LKS electrical driven tube-cleaning machine is especially design for cleaning tube, juice heater and vacuum pan tubes. This TCM model is also a economy tube cleaning machine which is an electrical type and is suitable for all type of boiler provided the tubes size is in between 1⁄2“ to 4” internal diameter. The smallest bending radius is 250mm at 180O degree.

Description :                                                         The Model LKS-TCM is a machine that removal of scale from evaporator tubes can be an irksome and very tiring task, as well as being costly, but it is one which is essential for the efficient running and operation of every palm oil mill and general industries. The job needs to be done quickly and effectively, at the lowest possible cost while at the same time damage to the tube walls must be avoided. LKS tube cleaning equipment is in operation in most sugar producing countries of the world and is a popular acquisition. It is backed by more than 60 years of field experience.

Tube Cleaning Machine & Tools

Tube Cleaning Machine & Tools

Cleaning Tools
Cone Cutter Assemblies are designed for removing scale deposit from straight and curved tubes; Assemblies should be slightly smaller than tube I.D. The innovative design of then cones ensures a through cleaning. In water tube boilers, cone cutters are the most effective cleaning tools for all conditions 

Single and Double Cone Assemble
Assemblies consisting of one or two cone elements are used for cleaning straight tubes 1.1/8” ~ 2.5/16” (29 ~ 59mm) I.D. and curved tubes 1.1/4” ~ 2.3/8” (32 ~ 60mm) I.D.

Disc Cone Assemblies
Assemblies consisting of three cone elements are used for cleaning straight tube 2.3/8” ~ 3.3/4” (60 ~ 95mm) I.D. and curved tubes 2.1/2” ~ 4” (64 ~ 102mm) I.D.

Straight Tube Wheel Brush Assemblies
Recommended for removing soft and light scale deposits in straight or ferrous tubes. Each assembly consists of four stainless steel wire wheel brush attached to a universal join. Brush should be 1/8” to 1⁄4” (3.2- 6.4mm) smaller than tube I.D.

Curve Tube Wheel Brush Assemblies Recommended for removing soft and light scale deposits in straight or ferrous tubes. Each assembly consists of a single stainless steel wire wheel brush attached to each end of a universal join. Brush should be 1⁄4”” to 3/8”(6.4-9.5mm) smaller than tube I.D.

TSS Analyzer - TSS 1000

TSS Analyzer - TSS 1000 TSS Analyzer - TSS 1000

Function & Features
• LCD Display
• Multi-parameter unit
• 4-wire installation
• Optical Sensor
• Wide Range
• Two(2) 4-20mA Analog Output Signal • Auto Clean Function
• Configurable relays with reset button • RS485 Communication
• IP65 rated
• CE Marked By TUV

Technical Data
The SDM-V9 Water Analyzer controller provides digital sensor technology and covers Dissolved Oxygen, Total Suspended Solid, Liquid Density and Conductivity measurements. The ease of use and comfortable operation is performed thanks to the large display, plain text interface, quick access menu, easily accessible wiring terminals and quick setup guide. With the digital sensor technology provided by the water analyzer, installation and commissioning, configuration as well as maintenance becomes substantially easier.

Remote Monitoring Unit RMU-V8

Remote Monitoring Unit RMU-V8

• 2 Opto-Isolated Digital Inputs, 1 Relay Output
• Pre-paid or post-paid SIM Card, from any Telco
• 32-bit Cortex-M3 Microprocessor
• Support SMS to pager, fax, email and or server
• Only support Over the AIR programming, programming and configuration done
via sending predefine sms to the rmu.
• Modem Specs : Quad Core or 4G