Ari-Armaturen Sdn. Bhd. Profile

  • About Us

    ARI-ARMATUREN SDN. BHD. was established in 1998 is the wholly-owned subsidiary of ARI-ARMARUREN GERMANY, a well-known and reputable German industrial valves manufacturer located in the north western part of Germany. 

    ARI-ARMATUREN SDN. BHD. was set-up with the objectives of providing sales and marketing, technical supports and after-sales-service for our customers in the ASEAN region. 

    Our products include, pneumatic and motorized control valves, bellow-sealed globe valves, safety valves, pressure reducing valves, gland-sealed globe valves, balancing valves, rubber and metal seated butterfly valves, wafer check valves, strainers, steam traps and etc. 

    Other products or services on request are, heat exchanger system, condensate recovery system, flash steam recovery system, steam energy conservation and steam traps survey. 

    We have a wide spectrum of clienteles from big scale engineering contractors, medium sized piping contractors, small factories to MNC manufacturers in the palm oil refineries, biodiesel producers, oleo-chemical industries, food and beverages, rubber glove manufacturers, silicon-wafer manufacturers, solar-panel manufacturers and many more…. 

    ARI-ARMATUREN SDN. BHD. is committed to providing a satisfactory and total control valves solutions for our customers in the ASEAN region

  • ARI-Armaturen Malaysia
    ARI-Armaturen Malaysia

    Approximately eight million people live in the region around Kuala Lumpur. From here, in addition to Malaysia, ARI-Armaturen SDN BHD also supply quality fittings made in Germany to Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines. Branch manager Ken Wong and his team provide ARI customers with regular training, in addition to a comprehensive warehouse.

    The complete variety of products of the one-stop shop philosophy – et al. with a special regulator valve module warehouse and a safety-valve adjustment service - can be called upon here at any time. Services such as maintenance, repair and energy measurements are carried out by the team on site.

  • What We Do

    Just one partner for even more speed. Even more flexibility. Even more economy.

    You need to have a partner who is capable of providing prompt and competent advice – no matter whether it's control valves you're looking for, for instance, or pressure reducing valves, globe valves, butterfly valves, safety valves, steam traps, actuators or application engineering solutions.

    Short lines of communication mean even more flexibility plus significant time savings – an excellent starting point if you want to maximise your profits.

    With ARI you profit from a comprehensive valve concept with 20,000 carefully coordinated products in 200,000 variants.

  • Operating Range
    • ​Control

    STEVI – your flexible control system for industrial applications!
    Reap the benefits of ARI control valve technology with STEVI! Variable product solutions give you more flexibility, more power and more precision. For control – mixing / diverting – isolation even in harsh industrial environments.
    And don't forget the PREMIO electric thrust actuator and its high-performance PREMIO-Plus 2G counterpart. Driving power made by ARI!

    • ​Isolation

    FABA – the new generation with 100% tight shut-off technology! More than 17,000 variants.
    ARI FABA bellows valves. Extra-tight shut-off due to "cut effect". Extra-tight shut-off due to conical marginal seat geometry. Extra-tight shut-off due to significantly increased seat pressure and longer service life.
    Or ZETRIX – the ARI process valve for challenging applications. Triple offset design, metal seal and self-aligning sealing ring.

    • ​Safety

    SAFE – flexible and safe. More than 35,000 variants!
    ARI SAFE safety valves integrate advanced design features for optimal performance. Put your trust in certified safety: these valves are type test approved to VdTÜV, ASME and SAFE-Check – our new service for testing installed ARI safety valves (patent-pending test method that works without increasing the boiler pressure or interrupting operation of the plant – absolutely no media loss).

    Alternatively, ARI-REYCO is a complete range conforming to API 526. Accurate response, flip-over plug, optimal plug guiding, up to 6000 psi (414 bar)!

    • ​Steam Trapping 

    CONA – economy through energy savings
    Save energy with CONA's advanced steam trap technology. Ball float, bimetallic, thermodynamic and balanced pressure steam traps or CODI manifolds. Cut costs and energy consumption with the patented CONA-control monitoring system. Thousands of steam traps tested individually in just three seconds!

    • ​Actuator

    ARI actuators – the new generation of variable actuator technology!
    Driving power made by ARI! Choose between pneumatic actuators from DP32 to DP35 and our PREMIO or PREMIO-Plus electric actuators. The new PREMIO-Plus 2G is your ticket to the new generation of variable actuator technology. Thanks to the BLDC motor with very high efficiency, extended lifetime, up to sixty percent lower power consumption and variable positioning.

    • ​System
  • Control

    Control Valves :

    • ARI-STEVI Pro 470/471 
    • ARI-STEVI Pro 470/471 ANSI
    • ARI-STEVI Pro 422/462
    • ARI-STEVI Vario 448/449
    • ARI-STEVI Smart 440/441
    • ARI-STEVI Smart 425/426
    • ARI-STEVI Smart 450/451
    • ARI-STEVI Smart 423/463
    • ARI-STEVI Pro 453
    • ARI-STEVI 405/460
    • ARI-STEVI BBD 415

    Control valves for heating :

    • ARI-STEVI H 485-488

    Pressure reducing valves :


    Pressure regulating controller :


    Pressure regulating valve :

    • ​ARI-PRESO

    Temperature Controller :

    • ​ARI-TEMPTROL 771/772
    • ARI-TEMPTROL 775
    • ARI-TEMPTROL 773/774