Asher Tools Sdn. Bhd. Profile

  • About
    Asher Tools Sdn. Bhd. was officially established in 1989 and has more than 10 years of experience in metal cutting tools. We have grown from a small scale into a strong company today carries a wide range of stocks in both the tapping and metal cutting tools.

    The products ranging from Taps, Dies, Centre Drill, Drill, Endmill, NC Spotting Drill Thread Plug Gauge and Saw Blades to machine tool accessories and holder for metal working industries in Malaysia.
  • Service & Quality Policy
    Service & Quality Policy
    We commit ourselves to provide quality products and support that consistently satisfy customer requirement and achieve a preferred status in the market through continuous improvement and innovation.

    To maintaining market presence by development and marketing of excellent products. This involves continual improvement of processes, participation of employees and suppliers.
  • Products
  • SAD
    • 4" Flap Disc
    Baker Measurement
    • Dial gauge / Indicators
    • Bore Gauge
    • Test Indicator
    • Digital Caliper
    • Analog Micrometer
    • Thread Plug Gauge & Ring Gauge
  • SAN OU
    SAN OU
    • Portable Power Tool & CNC Conventional Machining Drill Chuck
  • SOBA
    • SOBA Machine Tool Accessories
    • SOBA Reversible Tapping Attachment
    • High Speed Steel Centre Drill & NC Spotting Drill
    • High Speed Steel 8% Cobalt (M42) End Mill
    • High Speed Steel Reamer
    • High Speed Steel Tool Bit
    • High Speed Steel Drill Bit
    • Solid Carbide End Mill
    • Silve Cut Tap (Cobalt grade)
    • High Speed Steel Tap & Die
    • Carbon Steel Hand Tap, Die & Dienut
    • Tungsten Carbide Rotary Burrs
    • TRIDENT High Speed Steel Hack Saw Blades
    • TRUMAX Machine Tool Holder Accesories
    • WOLFRAMCARB Tungsten Carbide Tool Bit