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    About Us
    Incorporated in 1989, Syarikat Telecopier Sales & Services Sdn Bhd has over 2 decades expertise and experience in the supplies and trading of copying machines and related tools as well as accessories. Currently located in MWE Commercial Park, Jalan Kepong, Kuala Lumpur, our wide range of copying products and brands include:
    • Multi Function Copier Machine
    • Colour Copier Machine
    • Ricoh Copier Machine
    • Canon Copier Machine
    • Fujixerox Copier Machine
    At Syarikat Telecopier Sales & Services, we emphasize prompt and excellent services to our clients, high quality products to the timely and efficient after sales services to our customers. Kindly contact us today for your copier machine solutions, we assure we will come handy in this matter for you!