Single Split Unit

ACSU Type:

  • ​Wall Mounted
  • Ceiling Cassette
  • Ducted Unit
  • Ceiling Suspended
  • Floor Standing

Control Panel

  • Main switch (Control Panel, DB) for control multiple numbers of air conditioning
  • Wire connection (Control Wiring) between Fan Coil Units and DB.

Mini Chiller AHU

Water Cooled Type

  • ​installation included: chiller, Air Handling Unit (AHU), Cooling Tower, Pumps
  • ​to cool down the water by using heat exchange
  • chiller water circulated the Fan Coil Unit (FCU) for cooling in desired place
  • can install in modular connection

VRV / VRF System

  • ​Allows one outdoor condensing unit to be connected to multiple indoor fan-coil units (FCUs)
  • Different type of indoor units on the same refrigerant loop
  • Applicable for large project
  • Easy to install where there is limited space
  • Flexible design & easy to control

Mechanical Ventilation System

Mechanical Ventilation System include:

  • ​Staircase Pressurized System
  • Toilet Exhaust Fan
  • Duct-works
  • Car Park Smoke Spill / Fresh Air System