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  • About Lasergain Sdn Bhd
    About Lasergain Sdn Bhd
    ​​Lasegain Sdn Bhd has proved its revolutionary operational power in the market by being the leading service provider and retailer for office equipment and machines. Keeping pace with the modern technology world, Lasergain Sdn Bhd has a huge diverse of branded machines supplied around West Malaysia. We are proud to be distributing our products to international schools and colleges, tuition centres, the courts of Malaysia, large corporations such as CIMB, BSN and RHB. Our major sales coverage areas include Pekan, Kuantan, Kemaman, Maran, Muadzam, Rompin Raub, Bentong, Jerantut, Temerloh, Mentakab, and Kuala Lipis. Thus far, we have garnered huge customers based on our superior quality products and friendly services.
  • Our Values

    Our company has progressed successfully by creating an honest and reliable reputation throughout the market. Despite the evolution of our business, our dedication to our customers and services has always remained the same.  Time is precious. Therefore we ensure that all our services from deliveries until repairs are conducted within the given time frame.

  • Office Machine and Equipment Retailer
    We distribute and supply superior products from the authorized and reputed manufacturers in the market. This is also to ensure that we offer top-notch quality products to our valued customers. Our machines are often appreciated among clients for their remarkable features like high performance, compact size, durability, dimensional stability and sturdy design. A broad range of machines and equipment that we offer include:
  • Our Products
    • Office Automation    
    • Office Furniture    
    • Office Equipment      
    • Photostat Machine   
    • Multifunction Printer    
    • PA System    
    • Printer and Scanner  
    • Toner and Cartridge

    We also offer delivery service for our machines. To obtain maximum satisfaction from our customers, we ensure to deliver the machines and equipment to our customers’ premises within the specific scheduled time.
  • Repair & Service Machine
    At Lasergain Sdn Bhd, we are also expert in repairing, servicing and maintenance of major office machines.  Whether it is a major breakdown or a minor fault, we are willing to help you. All we can is we do a great and professional job servicing and maintaining your equipment.  Our team of experience and skillful technicians will provide fast, efficient and courteous service that can be mostly solved on site. For major cases where the machines are required to be returned, we will ensure to complete our repair work within a specific time to avoid any delay in our customers’ work.
  • Copy Machine Rental Service
    Need a copy machine for short term usage? Then Lasergain Sdn Bhd is the best choice. We are able to help our customers to meet all of their short-term document production needs. Our copy machine rent is inclusive of the parts, supplies and the services. Whether the term is as short as 1 day or a week or even more, we can provide you with the right copy machine to suit your requirements.
  • ​​​
    -Our customers are truly satisfied with our rental service as we do everything which includes the delivery, installation and setup up, toner and also takedown.   

    -At Lasergain Sdn Bhd, we are committed to deliver our customers with the best cutting-edge machines and office equipment along with exceptional services.