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    Wijasa Media Sdn Bhd (WMSB) is proud to announce the launching of the first ever LED advertising in Kuching Sarawak beginning 1st January 2014. There are 50 LEDS of 5ft x 3ft in size strategically located in the central of Kuching, commercial and residential areas along the 1.5km stretch of Jalan Satok and Jalan Kulas respectively. These LEDs are set to reach out to 60% of Kuching 2.3mil population..
    OUTLED is a brand created to make a consistent impression that etches our desired brand image into the minds of our target prospects. A product of collaboration of parties whose intention is to provide an alternative to the conventional OOH advertising providing more brand value in an environment where businesses are in the most challenging period and demand for high ROI is crucial.
  • OUTLED - being the brand name for the LED advertising is cost effective, has faster lead time will enhance your brand value. You can advertise via a 20 sec video or filmlet/stills of your choice as its high resolution enables high visibility and product exposure at affordable rate. Due to limited outdoor billboards availability in Kuching demand for OUTLED has been overwhelming. Do not miss this golden opportunity and place your bookings soonest whilst it is still hot.
  • The evolution of technology has resulted to an easy access towards communication. By utilising the almost up to date technology, new content formats are being innovated to replace traditional media. Be one of the first to adopt this innovative technology to display your message to the out-of-home audience. Move from static out-of-home to this digital enhance medium that will make your target market take notice.

    Outled‘s Digital Bunting platform will create, transform and even breaks the rules of Outdoor Advertising industry by delivering creative application format. Your business will definitely be ahead of the game to quantify your marketing campaigns and best of all, utilizing Outled cultivate and supports towards green environment city. 

    Digital is the future that is in need to be transformed. Let's not miss this journey of transformation.
    Outled embellishes city roads and gives the city an image of a Modern Metropolitan City. Working closely with local councils, DBKU (Dewan Bandaraya Kuching Utara) also serves as a Public Messaging Board to provide real time information to the public and community. 

    Strategically located within the busiest area in Kuching, where it is developed with schools, hospitals, banks, government and private offices, commercial business area, shopping malls, restaurants, and shops. 

    Enjoy the benefit of effective advertisement to all the Satok Area, Kulas Area, Petrajaya, and Kuching City community from the highest traffic of rush hour averaging between 4,000 to 8,000 per hour. 

    With Outled Digital Bunting, the Kuching City is projecting an image of Eco-Environmental-Friendly City in Full support of Green initiatives where there is NO MORE INK & PAPER WASTAGE as with printed banners or plastic perspectives in light-boxes.
  • Market Potential
    Market Potential
    • Kuching population : 2.5 mil
    • The Biggest State in Malaysia 
    • Borneo new economy growth center i.e SCORE (Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy)
    • One of Asia's most popular destination
    • 2 million tourist visited Sarawak in 2012
    • 2014, Sarawak Tourism will host the ASEAN Tourism Forum in Kuching
    • Many big international events : The Regatta, Rain Forest Music Festival
  • LED Strategic Locations
    LED Strategic Locations
    • 27 Panels @ Jalan Kulas
    • 23 Panels @ Jalan Satok
    • Bright 5ft (H) x 3ft (W) LED Displays
    • High repetition - along 1.5km x 2 stretch road
    • High traffic flow
    • Within Kuching most populous area - approx 60% of Kuching population
    • Both roads link to Petrajaya and Kuching in opposite direction
    • Within commercial and residential areas
    • 1.5km to Plaza Merdeka
  • Product Information
    Product Information
    • There is a total of 50 LEDs
    • Each LED panel size is 5ft x 3ft
    • Client can choose to advertise either in 23 LEDs along Jalan Satok or 27 LEDs along Jalan Kulas or both.
    • Transmission (tx) time 6am to 12 midnight i.e 18 hours per day
    • Video files advertisement material must be in format MPEG 4 or WMV
    • Static visual / slide advertisement material must be in JPEG or PNG
    • Each advertisement must be in 20 sec file
    • Advertisement material must be sent 7 days before tx date via email to allow for approval of material by Dewan Bandaraya Kuching
    • Each advertisement material will be allocated a product material code
    • There are 154 loops/ insertions/ spots per day 
    • Each loop is 7 min
    • There are 21 advertisements in each 7 min loop
    • In 1 day each advertisement will appear 154 times
  • Bright
    Clear LED Displays on lamp posts along the busiest roads of Jalan Satok & Jalan Kulas
  • Reachable
    Reaching out the unreachable population of Kuching
  • Flexible
    Shorter lead time, multiple branding exposure and cost effective
  • Repitition
    LED displays every 1.5 km of two roads with high traffic flow